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IAF eBulletin April 2017

Registration Opens for Cholpon-Ata Meeting and Conference

The website for the 2017 IAF Council of Delegates Meeting in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan is now live. It is available in English and Russian, with a Chinese version following soon.

There you can see and download the programme of activities, find useful travel information, and most importantly register for the Meeting and the Conference, on 'The Illegal Trade in Raptors in Central Asia', that will be held alongside it.

Registration closes on Tuesday 1st August. The IAF meeting runs from Saturday 2nd September to Thursday 7th September, with the Conference 4th to 8th September.

We look forward to seeing you in Cholpon-Ata!

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IAF рады сообщить, что заработал сайт для регистрации на заседание Совета Делегатов IAF 2017, которое пройдет в Чолпон-Ата, Кыргызстане. Сайт доступен на английском и русском языке, и вскоре появится версия на китайском языке.

На сайте вы можете скачать программу мероприятий, найти полезную информацию, и зарегистрировать свое участие на заседание и конференцию о “Незаконной Торговли Хищными Птицами в Центральной Азии”.

Регистрация завершиться во вторник 1 августа. Заседание IAF буде проходить с  субботы 2 сентября по четверг 7 сентября, а конференция с 4 по 8 сентября.

До встречи в Чолпон-Ата!

Подробнее о Чолпон-Ата
Страница в Фейсбуке

Not an IAF Delegate but would like to join us in Kyrgyzstan?

Individual Subscribers do not have to be active in a hawking club or raptor organisation, but just passionate about the preservation of falconry.

There is sliding scale for donations, and many benefits:

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You will receive The International Journal of Falconry, the IAF's annual glossy journal with feature-length stories by falconers, for falconers.

A gathering of falconers

You can take an Observer's seat at Council of Delegates Meetings, and may be invited for a voluntary role within the IAF.

Photo of a falconer carrying a cadge

You will meet people from all over the world at conferences and workshops, international field meets and festivals.

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Become an Individual Subscriber

Festival of Falconry: Missing Youths

By now all IAF National Delegates and Club Representatives have received notice of the International Festival of Falconry in Abu Dhabi, 4-9th December 2017.

Generous sponsorship by the Emirates Falconers Club will allow for young people (under 25 years old) to attend, to represent their countries and to work towards safeguarding falconry for future generations, while enjoying the companionship of other falconers and the unique experience of time spent in a desert camp.

Only half of the countries notified have replied, and only half of the expected registrations have been made.

If you are a youth recommended by your national organisation, please register now.

If you are an IAF Delegate who has not yet replied, please do so now.

Fourth International Peregrine Conference, Budapest, 27 Sep - 1 Oct

IAF Vice President for Europe, Africa and Oceania, Janusz Sielicki, writes:

I would like to invite you to the 4th International Peregrine Conference in Budapest, Hungary, from Wednesday 27th September to Sunday 1st October 2017.

The conference will be co-sponsored by the IAF, and will bring together scientists and experts from around the world to share the peregrine research that has been carried out over the last ten years. I will chair the Scientific Committee, and the organisers have the honour of announcing Professor Tom Cade as a member of the Scientific Committee.

I would ask you to contact peregrine specialists in your country, inform them about the conference, and encourage them to take part.

Conference details and registration

Meet New IAF Staff Members

The Secretariat is expanding to help fulfill the IAF's new festival and conference responsibilities, to help take forward our conservation and cultural projects, and to maintain the high standard of IAF communications.

Jevgeni Shergalin

Jevgeni (Eugene) Shergalin

In the 1980s I rehabilitated birds, and worked with my father and brother at Tallinn Zoo trying to breed rare and endangered birds of prey and owls in captivity. I also worked as journalist and radio broadcaster on wildlife and wildlife conservation.

The first time I saw living falconry abroad was at Brno Airport in Moravia, in autumn 1989, as part of a small team headed by the Soviet Union's number one ornithologist of the time, Prof. Valeriy Ilyichev.

It was captivating and I was hooked - just by one Saker.

In 1993 I began cooperation with Dr Nick Fox, compiling annotated bibliographies on large falcons, and falconry and hawking, for his company.

I received an official invitation to join the IAF in October 1996 from the then president Christian de Coune, at a raptor conference in Urbino, Italy. Since then my cooperation with the IAF, in different roles and capacities, has continued for more than 20 years.

I am happy to be an archivist with the Falconry Heritage Trust (FHT) since 2005. I am very much interested in the history of falconry and of ornithology. I am now glad to have the opportunity to join the FHT and IAF European Cultural Routes project.

I was active in the preparation of four International Festivals of Falconry and enjoy working with people from different countries and continents. I like to build bridges between nations - something so necessary in our contradictory modern world!

Boukje Tuinhout with a goshawk

Boukje Tuinhout

My name is Boukje Tuinhout, pronounced “Bookia”.

I live in the Netherlands and being a hunter and a falconer allows me to live freely, and helps me and my partner Willem cope with our demanding jobs.

To me, spending time outdoors with the birds, dogs, and ferrets, is the best way to stay mentally and physically fit.

For many years I have worked as a manager of a team of customer service agents in the telecom industry. I attribute this success to my ability to plan, schedule and handle many different tasks at once.

This flexibility will help me in the IAF Secretariat, where there are many different personalities and nationalities. Meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience with falconry is what I enjoy.

Ed Coulson with male goshawk Archie

Ed Coulson

I was fascinated by birds from the age of nine, when our local ranger brought a barn owl's wing into our classroom and waved it noiselessly over our heads, to hushed awe.

In my youth I went birdwatching most weekends and did voluntary conservation work at local reserves in Scotland. After graduating in Philosophy from Edinburgh and meeting Anya, I was a teacher, and then a copy-editor for international websites and print publications in Moscow. I enjoy collaborating across language barriers.

I came to falconry in 2014, when we moved to Ireland for a life outdoors and were lucky enough to get jobs at a respected hands-on falconry centre. I did my best to make sure all our visitors left as educated supporters of real, hunting, falconry.

There Anya and I flew our first season, with a female Harris' hawk, taking mainly rooks, but also pheasant, rabbit and one hare. Hunting transformed my understanding the natural world, and we joined the Irish Hawking Club (IHC). Last year we were granted a wild take licence for an eyass sparrowhawk, and we turned an audio diary of the adventure into a podcast called Wild Take. Then we had Archie, a male goshawk lent to us by a fellow IHC member.

It is a privilege to be joining the IAF team and to be working for the preservation of something that means so much to me.

Anya Aseeva with male goshawk Archie

Anya Aseeva

I grew up in Siberia surrounded by wild pine forests, where my father took me hunting mountain hare and capercaillie. The cold was so bitter that, as I followed my father through the woods, wading through knee-deep snow, my face would freeze into a permanent smile and my eyelashes turn into icicles.

My studies and work took me far from those wild places. I graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Development Economics, and worked as a microfinance consultant in Azerbaijan and Nigeria, as PA to Minister Counsellor at the British Embassy in Moscow, and as a journalist.

I came to falconry almost by accident, when I gatecrashed Ed's job interview at the falconry centre! Joining the Irish Hawking Club gave me access to some of the best falconry in the world and brought me into a community where I feel at home.

Watching snipe-hawking on a wild bog reminds me so much of hunting with my father. The soggy bog is like the snowy ground ready to swallow you whole; the flight of a tiercel like the adrenaline rush when my father spotted hare tracks.

To me falconry is about teamwork and I am excited about being part of the IAF team and the falconry family in general. I look forward enormously to contributing towards the strengthening of friendships between falconers worldwide.

Abu Dhabi Conference

A one-day conference on 25th April, 'Combatting Illegal Trade in Falcons in the Middle East & North Africa', will aim to put falconers at the heart of finding solutions to the problem of illegal trade in raptors. 

It will be chaired by IAF Vice President for the MENA Region, H.E. Majed Al Mansouri, and be attended by biologists, conservationists, rehab specialists and vets.

Presentations will focus on workable solutions, with discussion sessions taking these further.

Speakers will include:

  • Dr. Andrew Dixon, UK, International Raptor Biologist
  • Mr. Nick Williams, UK, CMS Raptors MoU
  • Mr. Ahmed Al-Sharaf, Bahrain, Raptor Rehab Specialist
  • Mr.  Noor A. Noor, Nature Conservation Egypt
  • Mr. Mohammed Mamdouh, Raptor Club of Egypt
  • Dr. Salim Javed, UAE Environmental Agency
  • Dr. Albara bin Othman, KSA Tilal Veterinary Center
  • Mr. Yehya Khaled, Jordan, Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature

Milan's Best-Dressed Couple

Meet Giò & Giulia, a pair of peregrine falcons nesting 125 metres up on the Pirelli Skyscraper in the centre of Milan, Italy.

The IAF has contributed to the development of the website following the pair, which encourages viewers of the livestream to submit their observations of the birds' behaviour and vocalisations by email to You can also follow their progress on facebook.

Many thanks to Federico Lauria of technical partner Sinapto, and Guido Pinoli, and the IAF's own Patrizia Cimberio, for installing the nest and camera.

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