IAF eBulletin October 2016

Report of IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016

by the IAF Team for the Congress

Outline of the Congress

The International Union for Conservation of Nature was established in 1948 to promote the conservation of nature. It it is the oldest and biggest group in the category with 217 government agencies, 1,066 organizations and 16,151 specialists from 161 countries. IUCN sets up specialist groups to develop projects under six commissions - the Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM), Commission on Education and Communication (CEC), Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP), The Species Survival Commission (SSC), World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL), World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA)

The IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC is the general meeting held every four years, in the same years as the Olympic Games. IUCN’s General Assembly and other events are arranged at the Congress.  The huge 2016 congress was held in Honolulu 1st - 10th September. Total participation was almost 10,000 persons from 192 countries.

The theme was “Planet at the Crossroads”, with a policy to develop new partnerships for the improvement of current problems for nature. Measures on climate change are an important in addition to conservation of endangered species, because climate affects all species in the world as well as the livelihoods of humans. New cooperation is needed to solve problems through effective approaches.1,380 Forum events were arranged to show or to discuss conservation activities. There were High Level Dialogues (public debates by influential persons), Conservation Cases (introductions to deeper approaches), Workshops, Knowledge Cafés (roundtable discussions), Posters, Conservation Campus events (interactive training), Pavilions (introduction of innovative partnerships) and Social events (networking and social interactions).

 A total of 106 Motions were also considered and all of them were approved by voting of members in the government and non-government (NGO) houses. The Hawai’i Commitment was approved on the closing day as a general appeal from WCC 2016.

IAF at WCC - participation from IAF

IAF is member of the IUCN since 1996 as an international non-governmental organization. IAF sent a team to develop and promote our activities. The members were Janusz Sielicki (Vice president for Europe, accredited delegate of IAF at WCC), Keiya Nakajima (Vice president for Asia), Dan Cecchini (Board Member) and Huisheng Chen (Taiwanese Association for Falconry Culture and Raptor Conservation). Huisheng attended WCC as the specialist for logistic support in the venue, because he is a resident of Hawai’i. Prof. Robert Kenward (Advisor) also attended WCC as Chair of the Thematic Group on Sustainable Use and Management of Ecosystems (SUME) in CEM. Janusz, Keiya, Robert and Adrian Lombard are all  members of the Sustainable Use & Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi) in CEESP/SSC. Keiya doubles as coordinator for South East Asia in SUME.

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IAF at WCC - Poster Presentation

 IAF had a poster presentation to introduce falconry and conservation activities for the Saker Falcon, categorized as Endangered (EN) in the Red List by IUCN. The title was “Falconry and the Saker Falcon – Conservation Challenges and Sustainable Use” to show the raptor electrocution mitigation program and the Saker falcon nesting platform program to augment wild Saker populations. The content was linked to Motion 003, provided by IAF with 15 co-sponsors.

The poster was displayed throughout the 10 days of WCC6 on 25 monitors with touch screens, not on paper sheets. It was selected and expanded by the touch of each reader, a new style of paperless presentation. Our poster is published on the congress website

We not only had displays throughout on the monitors but also a live presentation time for the poster at 14:00 - 14:30 on 3rd September. 11 persons visited our poster site during the 30 minutes and Janusz Sielicki discussed the contents of the poster with another 10 visitors for one more hour after the presentation time.

Motion by IAF

A total of 106 Motions were considered. IAF proposed Motion 003, on “Preventing electrocution and collision impacts of power infrastructure on birds” , with 15 co-sponsors. Due to a lot of work by IAF President Adrian Lombard and a number of other IAF leaders, the Motion 003 was approved with 98.5 % agreement of IUCN members after electronic ballot prior to Congress. It is a very important step for IAF, to keep our position on the international stage.

Sustainable Use Coordination Meeting

Sustainable Use Coordination Meetings were held each morning before the official program of WCC6 on 2nd - 6th September. The IAF facilitated the coordination of a number of likeminded IUCN member organizations, which are supportive of both hunting and sustainable use in general, such as CIC, FACE, Fish and Wildlife for the US, Conservation Force, Dallas Safari Club, Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute, etc.

Janusz Sielicki was chair of this meeting. Robert Kenward created a matrix which showed the key meetings, workshops, e-poster sessions, knowledge cafes, and pavilion facilities which needed to be covered during the first half of the WCC. These early morning coordination meetings gave members of the IAF delegation a chance to renew and strengthen friendships in-person with leaders from other pro-hunting organizations from around the world.


47th IAF Council of Delegates Meeting - Ireland

Registration is now closed.  Over 250 people have registered to attend and this looks like being the best attended IAF Council of delegates meeting ever. The meeting is from 13th to 20th November 2016 by invitation of the the Irish Hawking Club. 

This an election year and delegates have received information by email. Please check and if you have not then please contact me timbrell@iaf.org

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