The 44th Council of Delegates meeting (AGM) of the IAF took place in Valkenswaard, in the Netherlands, from 19 to 23 of June 2013. 
31 countries where represented and 79 delegates, observers and guests attended the Meeting. The organisation was fantastic and called for a huge amount of work from the members of the Dutch associations. We thank them all, but particular thanks are due to Frits Kleyn, President of Adriaan Mollen Club, Ben Mondelaers, Director of the Falconry and Cigar Makers’ Museum of Valkenswaard and Willem and Boukje Vrijenhoek from de Orde. Special thanks also go to the Mayor of Valkenswaard,  Anton Ederveen, and the town council for their truly amazing hospitality.

The IAF President, Adrian Lombard, opened the Council, saying some welcoming words and requesting a minute's silence to remember the falconers who passed away.
This was followed by reports.

  • H.E. Mohammed Al Bowardi showed us a video about the Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Foundation and delivered an address to the Meeting.
  • The Presidential report was made by Adrian Lombard, outlining the work of the IAF during the past 6 months.  He covered issues that the IAF had dealt with and plans for the future, including strengthening ties with other Hunting Groups and plans to monitor developments in the European Parliament.  He also spoke on the importance of developing unity amongst Falconers and seeking common ground.  This was followed by the Vice Presidential reports of Prof. Tom Richer, Ralph Rogers and Bakyt Karnakbeyev.
  • Prof. Tom Richter reported on the “Greening of Europe” Legislation,
  • Dr. Bohumil Straka on the strategy to confront the European Parliament proposals on Alien Invasive Species,
  • Prof. Mat Gage about the development of a Falconry Code of Conduct regarding Alien Invasive species,
  • Frank Bond presented a report regarding the development of the IAF Business Plan
  • Zayed Al Madeed about the Houbara project in Qatar,
  • Janusz Sielicki about the Raptors MoU of the Convention on Migratory Species and the IAF role in the Saker Task Group.
  • Dr. Keiya Nakajima spoke on the Conference on Biological Diversity and how the IAF may engage with this,
  • Dr. Lombard presented Adrian Reuter’s report on  CITES Cop16,
  • Prof. Richter delivered a presentation on Animal Welfare.
  • Special guests, SOV Marco Fiori and  SOV Ivan Severoni of Corpo Forestale dello Stato of Italy made a presentation about future possible IAF co-operation with the CITES authorities in Sicily (regarding the illegal trade of raptors in Italy, conservation and wildlife law enforcement and using the Bonelli’s Eagle theft as a case study.)
  • A very interesting Dutch education project was put forward by Frits Kleyn.
  • Dr. Straka spoke on UNESCO extensions progress.
  • Frank Bond presented on “IAF status as Advisory NGO to UNESCO progress”.
  • Elisabeth Leix presented the report of the Women's' Working Group, on behalf of Diane Moller.

IAF Delegates

Historical trapping site at the Leender heide

In the afternoon the delegates, guests and partners were invited to the historical trapping site at the Leender heide where an authentic trap was built as was done in the days of the Mollen family.

On the Saturday, following the formal Meetings, delegates were taken to the Het Loo Palace, venue of the historic Royal Loo Hawking Club to view falconry art at the Palace. We thank Dick Ten Bosh for his efforts and work to organize this visit. There are hopes that a permanent falconry Exhibit may be established there in the future.

We are very pleased to announce that the 45th Annual General Meeting of the Council of Delegates will be held in Doha, Qatar, from 26 January 2014 until 2 February 2014

We are also advised that a Falconry Festival will be held in the United Arab Emirates in December 2014 and this will be supported by the IAF.  We will provide further information regarding these events in future eNewsletters.

The council approved an exciting plan for a “World Falconry Day” that will be held on the 16 of November every year! 

The World Falconry Day will be organized by a committee set up especially for this purpose within the IAF. Coordinator is expected to be Dr. Javier Ceballos (Spain), with the help of PPRR Veronique Blontrock (Belgium), Patrizia Cimberio (Italy), Yukio Asaoka (Japan), Dan Cecchini (America) and our Executive Secretary Gary Timbrell (Ireland). An eNewsletter on this subject will follow shortly.

Anthony Crosswell received the Presidential Award in recognition of his achievement in developing The International Journal of Falconry.
Patrizia Cimberio received the Presidential Award in recognition of her achievement in developing the new IAF Website

See the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund video

Download the presentation of Qatari Hubara Bustard Breeding Program

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