IAF represents the interests of Falconers at International Conservation Conventions and strengthens alliances with other hunters to promote Conservation

The IAF strives to represent Falconers and Falconry at International Conservation Conventions in order to promote conservation and sustainable use and to make other conservationists aware of the conservation work done, both by the IAF and by falconers all over the world.

In September IAF was represented at the 12th Congress of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity held in Pyeongchang, Korea. A successful side-event was held, entitled Falconry and Falconer’s Activities Associated with Sustainable Wildlife Management. The Presentation was made by Dan Cecchini (IAF AC Member), joined by Sang-hyun Park (IAF Delegate for Korea) who introduced the topic of Falconry in Korea. The team was ably assisted by Keiya Nakajima (IAF AC Member) who had worked hard to make this event possible for us. We were joined in our side event by Tamas Marghescu, Director General of the CIC, who gave a presentation on Hunting – being part of Nature.

In the first week of November, we will be represented in Ecuador at the 11th Congress of the Parties of the Convention on Migratory Species. Here our representative is IAF Conservation Officer, Janusz Sielicki, who will also hold a side event with a presentation on Falconry and Falconers as Pioneers in Sustainable Wildlife Management as a Conservation Tool. He will be joined by FACE who will also give a presentation at the event. This Meeting is of real significance to the IAF as the Global Action Plan (GAP) for the Saker Falcon will be presented. We have had considerable input into this GAP and we shall be funding and managing the first of the Flagship projects envisaged by the Plan – Establishing a Portal to Develop Trust and Monitor the Use of the Saker Falcon. This will be in conjunction with the European Sustainable Use Group of IUCN and the UNEP/CMS Raptors MoU.

In December, we will be represented at the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention by IAF Executive Secretary, Gary Timbrell. He will give a shared presentation to the Meeting with FACE, on the Implementation of the Code of Conduct for Hunting with respect to Invasive Alien Species, which was presented and accepted by the IAF Council of Delegates in Doha earlier this year.

                                                                                                             Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                             Adrian Lombard
    President of International Association for Falconry and the Conservation of Birds of Prey.

Results of email vote on new candidatures for IAF Membership

In accordance with the constitutional changes approved in January at our Council of Delegates Meeting in Doha, an email vote was held on new candidatures. It was decided to do this by email instead of waiting for the next meeting due to the long time interval, the next Council of Delegates meeting will not be until August 2015. The process undergone for this vote has helped in establishing protocols for any future votes which may be held electronically. 

For the IAF Constitution, in English and French, please go to www.iaf.org/statute.php

Some delegates did not exercise their club or national vote so a reminder notice was sent and more votes were received. The figure for a clear majority has, in all cases, now been well surpassed and there were no votes against any of the candidatures among the votes cast. We are happy, therefore, to welcome the following new IAF members:

United Kingdom

Welsh Hawking Club, 115 members, founded in 1962. Full Membership.

British Archives of Falconry, founded 2010 as an archive for the storing of British and Irish falconry material. Supporting Membership.

United States of America

Montana Falconers’ Association, 73 members, founded in 1970. Full Membership.


Thai Hawkmaster Club, 50 members, founded in 2009. Full Membership.


Associazione Fondazione Lanario (Lanner Fund), mission is to protect the Euroasiatic Lanner (Falco biarmicus feldeggii) with the help and contributions of falconers. Supporting Membership. 

We look forward to working with these organizations and to meeting their representatives. 

Future voting

In this particular email vote, voting has been allowed for all Member and Associate Member Organizations that qualified to vote under Article 9 of the IAF Constitution, irrespective of whether they had paid this year’s membership dues. In all future votes membership dues must be up to date, including at the 2015 Council of Delegates Meeting in Argentina, when the posts of President, the Vice-president for Asia, the Vice-president for the MENA Region and the Vice-president for Europe, Southern Africa and Oceania will all be up for election. That election will be by ballot in the Council of Delegates Meeting and only paid up members who qualify will be permitted to vote. .

Future email or electronic votes will also be restricted to fully paid up members and associate members.

Link to information on 2015 Meeting Argentina

Link to registration form for Argentina Meeting

Early registration is advised to take advantage of a very favourable hotel rate which is available by booking a room directly with the hotel (not via the hotel website) and stating clearly that you are staying for the IAF Meeting. Rooms are available at the low rate if booked before May 31th 2015, after which date standard prices will apply. There have already been a number of reservations so please reserve yours as soon as you can. 

You need to complete the IAF Registration Form (linked above) AND make your hotel reservation separately by email, reservas@hotelmaiteiposadas.com , citing "Reunión Anual de la IAF", "IAF Annual Meeting". You can also do this by phone or fax: Phone +54 0376 4442500, Fax +54 0376 4442501 



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