IAF Notice of Election

Dear Delegate, dear club official,

This is to inform you that the Ralph Rogers' first full term of office as IAF Vice-president for the Americas ends next year, in December 2014.

The election for  VP for the Americas will be held in Doha, January 2014, for the new term to commence in January 2015. The delay between the election and the taking of office is due to AGM timings; after Doha the Council of Delegates will not meet again until Argentina in mid 2015.

Member organizations may nominate candidatures.  The full  IAF Constitution may be downloaded at http://iaf.org/statute.php . The relevant section is:

11.2. Vice Presidents.

11.2.1. The Vice Presidents of I.A.F. are elected for three (3) years at a Council meeting pursuant to Article 10.6. A Vice President shall begin his term of office on January 1 of the year following his election.

11.2.2. The Vice Presidents must be National Delegates of or nominated by a Member Organisation, and after serving a term are eligible for re-election to a second term of office.

11.2.3. In the event of disability or resignation, a Vice President may be replaced by another National Delegate by appointment of the President. The substitute for the Vice President shall serve only until the next Council meeting and then may be eligible for election as a permanent Vice President. The term of the Vice President subsequently elected by the Council shall begin immediately.

Gary Timbrell
Executive Secretary
International Association for Falconry and
Conservation of Birds of Prey.
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