Dear IAF Delegates and Club Representatives,

We hope you received your invitation to the 2014 Council of Delegates Meeting in Doha sent to you in late August from our host, Algannas, IAF member for Qatar. In order to help us in finding the best hotel deals and airline packages and to make sure visas can be issued, we would be grateful if you completed the online Registration Form at ; we need to know the numbers. 

Since the form is in the restricted part of the IAF website you will need to use your Delegate Code to access it. If you did not have a Delegate Code already then please email Patrizia at To complete the form please log-in on the website first, then go back to the homepage and click on the registration link. When you have registered we will be able to make sure you get any further information as soon as we have it. 

The IAF Organising Team for this event, working under Zayed Al-Maadeed of Algannas, consists of IAF Executive Secretary Gary Timbrell and AC Members Véronique Blontrock (Registration and Planning) and Patrizia Cimberio (Design) Please contact any of us directly for help. We are looking forward to seeing you there, it will be an opportunity for us all to contribute to a unique international falconry experience. 

Gary Timbrell
Executive Secretary IAF