IAF eNewsletter Spring 2016

The latest edition of the IAF eNewsletter is now available. It has articles from Ireland, Georgia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Portugal, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Iran, UK, Malta, Colombia and Vietnam.

In the words of its editor, Hilary White: "Anyone who has attended a Council of Delegate meetings or the International Festival of Falconry will have come away knowing that falconry’s international identity is its strongest card. That it is practiced in such diverse environments and cultures is proof of its intrinsic value to mankind. "

This edition demonstrates falconry's universality and sense of community. To see the Newsletter please click here or go to www.iaf.org

Description of the project

Female hunters and falconers have organized themselves on an international level to organize a conference with a focus on Education. Collaboration has been sought with Wageningen University which holds a chair in wildlife management, the only such chair in Europe. The collaboration came forth out of  friendship and the desire to strengthen the ties between female falconers and hunters. Our shared mission is to convey our hunting and falconry tradition for future generations, with an eye toward species protection, conservation and sustainability. Falconry has been inscribed in 2012 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The younger generation is becoming more and more alienated from its natural environment, and has little idea of even where their food comes from. By organizing a conference in the heart of the academic world, projects and ideas can be exchanged among professionals and across generations, in new and provocative ways. Our objective is to put nature education and academic research on the subject firmly on the world map.

Expected Results and impact:

As female hunters and falconers we belong to a large—and growing—community that feels a particular sense of responsibility for our natural environment. In an ever-changing and increasingly urbanized world, we must adjust our traditions to new situations. The disappearance of ecosystems and changes in biodiversity require more and better solutions. Scientific expertise is needed in order to serve as a firm basis for solutions. So, too, is insight derived from environmental studies and philosophies. Key to our work will be the involvement of the local community—especially those people who are unaware and often disconnected of the importance of nature or who harbor an “urban” attitude. Of special importance will be the nurturing of a generation of children who have developed a childhood affinity with nature through educational projects, and who will carry this affinity forward into environmentally responsible adulthood.

With local school programs, children can be directly involved in their own environment. International school programs have the advantage that they also exchange culture, tradition and language, and contribute to broadening the outlook of the world of children.

We international women from the hunting and falconry community are a big group. We want to share our passion for hunting and our expertise via this conference, which will lead to a better, globally shared understanding of the role that education necessarily plays both in establishing healthy human populations, and in sustaining the biotic communities in which they live, and thrive.

Website www.washconference.com 


The International Association of Falconry and Conservation of birds of prey (IAF),  with 80 member countries

Artemis is part of the CIC www.cic-wildlife.org/artemis-club

The working group Diana is part of the Royal Dutch Hunting Association ,  http://www.jagersvereniging.nl/

Stichting De EIK facilitates the chair of Prof. Dr. R. Ydenberg. www.stichtingdeeik.nl/doc/ydenberg%20inaugurele%20rede.pdf


47th IAF Council of Delegates Meeting - Ireland

Registration is proceeding smartly. This meeting will be held in the south of Ireland from 13th to 20th November 2016 by invitation of the the Irish Hawking Club. The IAF Meetings will be held in Sneem, Co. Kerry in the early part of the week, where hawking will take place everyday. The latter part of the week is optional and we will all move to the Irish Midlands for more hawking and an important conference on the sustainable use of wildlife.

For more information and to register please go to the designated website and complete the online form. This IHC website is very comprehensive and provides details of the locations, transport, booking accommodation and the programme of events. We would encourage you to book all travel and accommodation as soon as possible, especially European falconers planning to bring hawks, who will need a falconry licence from the Irish National Parks and Wildlife Service. This is obtainable from the website. 

Attendance at the actual Council of Delegates Meeting itself is limited to National Delegates and Club Representatives, their official guests (one each), the IAF Board and Advisory Committee, members of the hosting clubs and Individual Subscribers. Official Observers are by invitation of the IAF and IHC Presidents.

Attendance at the hawking and social events is less restricted, but please check with our hosts, the Irish Hawking Club. Everyone must have registered before attending any part of the meeting and associated events.

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