World Falconry Day, November - 16th Presidential Greeting
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Today is the First World Falconry Day. This day – 16th November – has been selected because it was on this day in 2010, that UNESCO recognised Falconry as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  This means that our art is something which is special and is part of the legacy of all humans throughout the world, something to be valued, defended and developed.  It has its roots in human history and should have a place in humanity’s future.

Many of us will remember the day – 16th November, 2010 – when the long road of the submission of Falconry to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Directorate of UNESCO, by the first 11 nations and championed by the United Arab Emirates, reached its climax at the meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.  The IAF was there; represented by Bohumil Straka, while the Executive of the IAF waited by their cell-phones and the Falconry World held its breath.  With the announcement came the outpouring of emotion, jubilation and the thrill of success.  Here was a pillar to help support the future of Falconry.  This is indeed one of the most important events in the 4000 year history of Falconry and a fine day for us all to celebrate our Art!

Falconry is indeed something to value and be proud of.  It represents a rare partnership between two species which is mutually beneficial.  It encourages the sustainable use of natural resources and so enhances the conservation effort and promotes the preservation of our natural environment.  It is also a practice shared by many nations which transcends national, racial religious and geographic divides.  The IAF represents a family of 60 Falconry Nations and this number grows each year.  Very few other sports or practices can match this.  Our shared passion for Falconry is an amazing unifying force which creates friendships and understanding between people who have no other common language.  What wonderful reasons to celebrate this day together! In the words of the great Spanish Falconer, Dr Felix Rodrigues de la Fuente:

“Fellow Falconers, when next you set out at dawn in search of quarry, with Hawk on fist, anticipation making you feel as if it were the for the first time, while indeed it could be your last, contain your excitement and reflect: you are but a link in a chain of Falconers that stretches back to prehistory” (and forward – who knows?)

Falconers – This is our day.  Let us celebrate together with pride and also with awe for this amazing legacy that unites us all.  In all of this, let us also remember the hawks that share the field us.

Adrian Lombard.
President - International Association for Falconry and the Conservation of Birds of Prey.
16th November 2013.

List of Events

GERMANY. all State of Germany. On 16th  November the DFO will celebrate WFD with small groups of falconers throughout Germany. Press releases are distributed as information for the average population. Interested parties are welcome on this day to have the opportunity to join us and learn more about the culture of falconry. Organized by: Deutscher Falkenorden. For info:

EQUADOR. Zoologico Yurak Allpa, CuencaExplicación de la Biología de las aves rapaces. Vuelos de exhibición de aves rapaces. Exposición de artesanía cetrera.Date:  Organized by: Fernando Andrade, For info:

BELGIUM Berchem (Antwerp) - activity in a nursing home for elderly people, in cooperation with children ( age 10- 12 years) Exhibition and workshop about falconry with birds, falconers. The children are using the little booklet from Valkerij museum Valkenswaard ( about falconry) to work out the questions and organise their own exhibition. After that members of the club will do a PP presentation about falconry ( history and falconry today) - presentation of falconry birds and slide & video films all about falconry. Organized by: Studiegroep Behoud Valkerij (vzw). For info:

SPAIN Convento de Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid. Jornada de puertas abiertas, en un convento con colegio de primaria de mas de 6 hectáreas con amplias praderas ajardinadas, en las cuales se ajardinaran, pajaros de diferentes especies, para que el publico, disfrute de ellas y pueda fotografiarse con ellas. El sitio es muy concurrido por la historia del mismo, abierto siempre al publico que acude a pasear por sus instalaciones. Se contestara a todas las preguntas formuladas por los curiosos y para que puedan disfrutar de este noble arte.Organized by: Ivan Fernandez Garcia. For info:

JAPAN Aichi, Owariasahi. The Japan Falconiformes Center is holding a short course for the staff of wildlife department in prefectural office. It is introduced the summary of birds of prey in Japan, the current situation of endangered species, the conservation works and the contribution of falconry technique. Practice is also included to learn the suitable handling in the rescue works for injured birds of prey. It will be good opportunity for the prefectural officials to find new understanding about the birds of prey and falconry.Organized by: The Japan Falconiformes Center. For info:

SPAIN Café "Las Chimeneas" - Jardines del Centro, Cultural "Giralt Laporta", Valdemorillo (Madrid). Hablaremos (lo que podamos y sepamos) del Noble Arte de la Cetrería (como arte de caza y como convivencia diaria con las aves) portaremos nuestras aves, e invitamos a otros cetreros que vengan con sus aves y nos hablen de ellas...Nos haremos una foto de familia y daremos unas pautas generales a temas medioambientales, que hacer con las aves rapaces encontradas en la naturaleza con algún problema, problemática legal, asociaciones de ayuda a la naturaleza, etc...Invitamos a todos los cetreros y amigos, a que vengan a pasar la mañana con nosotros y las aves rapaces, de esta manera disfrutaremos de nuestro día y haremos cierto el lema de "Cetrería; Celebrando un Patrimonio Humano Vivo" Organized by: Asociacion Medioambiental Aprende con Rapaces

BELGIUM. Castle Godefrey Bouillon. Teaching about falconry (80-100 children of 10-12years) Organized by: Belgische Valkerij Federatie “” Féderation Belge de la Fauconnerie vzw/a.s.b.l.For info:

SPAIN Convento de Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid. Jornada de puertas abiertas, en un convento con colegio de primaria de mas de 6 hectáreas con amplias praderas ajardinadas, en las cuales se ajardinaran, pajaros de diferentes especies, para que el publico, disfrute de ellas y pueda fotografiarse con ellas. El sitio es muy concurrido por la historia del mismo, abierto siempre al publico que acude a pasear por sus instalaciones. Se contestara a todas las preguntas formuladas por los curiosos y para que puedan disfrutar de este noble arte. Organized by: Ivan Fernandez Garcia. For info: 

JAPAN Events organized by Japan Falconers association and the World Falconers Club. Dates: 09/11/2013 - 10/11/2013 Mizuhomachi Tokyo, 16/11/2013 - 17/11/2013 Ibaraki and Kanagawa Organized by: Japan Falconers Association and World Falconers Club. For info:

CHILE Fundo el Guayacán, Santiago. Program :10:00 Talks, 13:30 Barbecue and camaraderie, 16:30 Hommage to Felipe Camiroaga, 17:00 Presentation birds in the field, estatic and flying display, 18:00 Hawking with Harris hawk, 20:00 Talk around the firecamp, 21:30 EndTalks :10:00 Welcoming to assistants, reflexión about the slogan of this world falconry day. C.González, 10:05 Presentation of the ¨Asociación Chilena de Cetrería y Conservación de las Aves Rapaces– C.González. 10:20 Falconry techniques on the welfare of captive birds of prey.– Carolina Sánchez. 10:40 Wildlife management at the Mercedario ranch, pre-scholar environmental education.– Víctor Rojas, IV Región. 11:00 Birds of prey of Chile – Francisco Fadell, VI Región, 11:20 Falconry in Scotland, a learning experience. - Julian Muhle, 11:40 Hawking in Colchagua valley– Francisco Fadell, VI Región, 12:00 How, when and where to start. Practical and legal - C González, 12:20 World falconry festival Abu-Dhabi 2011- Andrés Cancino, 12:40 Birds of prey of Puerto Montt– Kevin Arriagada ; Pto Montt, 13:00 Flying variable hawks – Alvaro García ; TemucoExhibits and sales:Difusion : Books, stickers, magnets, t –shirts.Furniture : Hoods, gloves, swivels, leashes, and more.Education with raptors, CEA module, Furniture in exhibits.Birds of prey display : Peregrine falcon, american kestrel, Harris hawk, variable hawk, rufous tailed hawk, pigmy owl, barn owl, andean owl, snowy owl.Organized by: Asociación Chilena de Cetrería y Conservación de las Aves de Presa For info: 

SPAIN Publication of a new Falconry book on the occasion of the World Falconry Day. Caïrel ediciones. For info:

IRELAND marks this occasion by inviting members to a celebration of Irish Falconry. The day begins with an all member hawk walk on the Hill of Tara, the seat of the high kings of Ireland. They too engaged in falconry over 1000 years ago in this very location. Wel take in the ancient majestic beauty of the area and toast the sport of falconry by the Lia Fail (stone of destiny). A wish for a safe and bountiful season will be made in the form of a pair of leather jesses tied to a rag tree that grows nearby. From here we  travel to meet our guests and have lunch of game stew and mulled wine. On close of play, members are invited to partake in an evening meal in the Conygham Arms Hotel in Slane. Organized by: THE IRISH HAWKING CLUB. For info:

FRANCE Organizing the ANFA AGM with all its members: three days of hunting party on wild game. This meeting will be closed by the exceptional inauguration of a 13th century fresco recently discovered in the chapel of Moeurs-Verdey (see picture). A mass of st Bavon, patron of falconers, will be specially ìcelebrated in this church by the son of the President Philippe Justeau. Public and press are more than welcome. Organized by: The National Association of French Falconers (ANFA) For info:

SPAIN, Toledo & Socuéllamos, Ciudad RealFalconry Days; Hunting, Culture & Conservation. Meeting with Authorities in Benacazón Palace, Toledo. Awards: "Falconry & Conservation" to the past Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente (His widow will be with us); Workshops with children. Falconry exhibition with paintings by Andrew Ellis, David Martín, José Ignacio Muriel, Manuel Sosa, Susana Carchenillaand sculpture: Camilo Seira, Lucio Relaño, Pedro Aldea. Writers: Andrés López, José Madrid, Diego Pareja. 
Conferences in Benacazón Palace, Toledo: "IAF; Past, Present & Future" Dr. Javier Ceballos, "Frequent problems in Harris's training" José L. Souto, "Frequent problems in Goshawk's training" José Verdejo, "Handling of imprinted Sparrowhawk " Juan Daniel Vera, "Forestry raptors of Galicia" Salvador Rebollo, "Hare hunting with shortwings" Robert Watkins & William Buck, "Hunting moments" Andrew Ellis. Annual Hunting meeting of the National Falconry Association: different groups depending on the birds (and the game. During both days hunting wild game in small groups in a very big property (29000ha). More information in and Contact:

TUNISIE. KelibiaSéminaire pour le patrimoine de la fauconnerie tunisienne (cap bon). Action scolaire a l'ocasion de jour mondial de la fauconnerie. Sensibilisation de l'importance de patrimoine de la fauconnerie en Tunisie. Association de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Cuturel du Dressage des oiseaux rapaces à Kelibia.For info:

CANADA. London, OntarioOntario Hawking Club annual field meet including banquet on November 16. Special recognition will be given to World Falconry Day and the UNESCO designation. We hope to involve the media in this and reach a wider audience. Organized by: Ontario Hawking Club. For info:

RUSSIAN FEDERATION. Moscow area, Atlas Park Hotel Schedule of activities (free attend to all) 10.30 Falconers' parade (with hawks and dogs). 10.45 Official opening WFD. Speech about falconry and etc. 11.00 Begining of work: falconry exhibition, master classes and exposition birds of prey. 14.30 Show flights of falcons. 15.00 Field trials for falcons and hawks. 17.30 Awarding of winners field trils and official ending WFD. Organized by: Dmitriy Rodionov

ESPAÑA. Guadalajara. El objetivo es dar a conocer la cetrería y sus valores, tanto en la sociedad adulta como en los niños, así como la celebración del Día Mundial de la Cetrería y su reciente declaración como Bien de Interés Cultural en Castilla La Mancha. Por un lado tendrá lugar una conferencia coloquio en el Salón de Plenos del Ayuntamiento que tratará sobre la cetrería y su reciente declaración como Patrimonio de la Humanidad. En ella estarán presentes un miembro de IAF, un miembro de la Asociación de Cetrería de Castilla La Mancha y un cetrero colaborador de D. Félix Rodriguez de la Fuente. A la vez se desarrollará un concurso escolar de ambito autonómico que consistirá en un pequeño trabajo de investigación relativo a la cetreria. El día 15 paralelamente a la conferencia tendrá lugar, también un concurso de dubujo para escolares de ambito local y que de manera presencial se desarrollara en la plza mayor de la ciudad. Organized by: Colabora Asociación de ClmFor info:

BRASILE. Belo Horizonte, Minas GeraisCelebrating the International Day of Falconry (art of training birds of prey), recently recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Associates of ABFPAR are organizing a series of events linked to date throughout Brazil. Organized by: Brazilian Association of Falconers and Preservation of Birds of Prey.For info:

USA. AmericaNationwide exposure. Get public exposure for World Falconry Day across America to the general public. Get understanding of the significance of the UNESCO listing of falconry as an intangible cultural heritage; drive more people to the IAF website; expand the public understanding of falconry as a positive art and sport. Organized by: North American Falconers' AssociationFor info:

SLOVENIA. Krško A days of Hunting with a celebratory lunch on the Saturday. To the presentation members of the Press and Media have been invited. We will promote the feeling of belonging to the falconry community and trie to increase the visibility of falconry to the society. Organized by: Slovenian association for Falconry. For info:

BRASILE. Parque Zoobotânico A.Câmara, João Pessoa Release of a Black Hawk (Buteogallus urubitinga), who was found injured by organ responsible environmental rehabilitated using falconry techniques and presentation with the Savanna Hawk (Buteogallus meridionalis) and American Kestrel (Falco sparverius). Organized by:
Associação de Falcoaria do Rio Grande do Norte. For info:

CANADA. Stewart Valley, SaskatchewanTwo days of Hunting with a celebratory lunch on the Saturday to which members of the Press and Media have been invited. An invitation has also been sent to the Department of the Environment, Wildlife Section, Saskatchewan. Organized by: Saskatchewan Falconry Association. For info:

USA. Texas Parks & Wildlife Department HQPress availability with falconers and wildlife officials, to inform press and public about what THA and TPWD are doing to preserve falconry and raptor species. Organized by: Texan Hawking Association. For info:

PORTUGAL. Fajarda - Coruche, Herdade das Gamas. The activity is divided in morning and afternoon and is open to general public (with previous inscription). In the morning a real hunting morning and we promote them to be accompanied by a non falconer chosen previously by them. An open community buffet for all attending public for increasing sense of belonging. The afternoon activities include the presentation of a newly published book about falconry and a short presentation about falconry as a cultural heritage. Organized by: Associação Portuguesa de Falcoaria (APF) Portuguese Association for Falconry. For info:

MONGOLIA. Ulaanbaatar cityPress articles. Presentation at schools, school competition drawing. Presentation at art school, sketching falcons from life. Organization of hunting field meeting.  Organized by: Mongolian Falconry Association. For info:

PAKISTAN. Fatima Jinnah Park, IslamabadFalconers Gathering will be held, displaying birds of prey to public, officials and other guests invited to the event. Making of traditional crafts and art work related to falconry along with educational exhibit inviting students. Organized by: Pakistan Falconry AssociationFor info:

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC The TV talk on "El-TR" local TV company devoted to World Falconry Day will be organized. 7 people will participate in the talk including falconers, representatives from the State Agency of Nature Conservation and Forestry, representatives from State Hunting Department. The topic of discussion "Falconry as cultural heritage of Kyrgyz people". Organized by: Salbuurun Federation. For info:

USA. Cabela's, Lone Tree (South Denver Metro Area)This Cabela's store, the first in the Denver area, just opened on August 15, 2013. We have obtained approval to bring 3 or 4 falconry raptors to the store and set up a booth inside to promote falconry and explain its practice to our fellow hunters and the store patrons. We will have birds on display with their owners from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Organized by: Colorado Hawking Club. For info:

EL SALVADOR. Parque Bicentenario. A falconry exhibition at this park with a flying exhibit with native hawks flying to the fist and at different lures, as well as explaining the history of falconry and its modern role in conservation. Also a raptor biologists giving a lecture about the current situation of birds of prey in our country as well as detailing our current efforts to preserve them for the future. Organized by: Club y Escuela de Cetrería de El Salvador. For info:

ITALY. Castello di Rascino - Hunting reserveMeeting of falconers in a beautiful area of hunting in the centre of Italy (one hour by Rome). Flying our falcons remembering and showing the importance of this beautiful art that gives satisfaction and culture to falconers and society. We have cooperation of dogs hunting how the best tradition of Italian falconry (Federico II and Coppaloni old school) but looking to the future hoping to improve our quality and best possibility to enter as country of the recognition of falconry by UNESCO. Organized by: UNCF - Section Lazio. For info:

QATAR. Doha IAF AGM MEETING Asian African falconry federation. VETERINARY CONFERENCE. The objective is to enhance falconry world through appropriate regulations in light of mankind heritage and sustainable hunting. Date: 27/01/2014 - 01/02/2014 Organized by: ALGANNAS For info:

JAPAN. Kanagawa Prefecture, Ayase City Our proposal will be to make people aware about the use of the art of falconry for protection against avian pests (Crows & Pigeons) that cause a big problem here in Japan, also will be promoting the interaction of children with birds of prey can caress and photographing with raptors. Disclose the history of the art of traditional Japanese falconry. Flight performance with hawk, owl and eagle. The event will be held in a park kindly provided by the Ayase City. Organized by: Raptor Japan NPO法人 For info:

ITALY. Tower Hotel, Bussolengo A one day meeting with Jim Chick, president of Hawk Board, giving a picture of the evolution of falconry in UK, of new guidelines for Falconry Display and LANTRA certifications. In the afternoon the meeting will touch sevela themes: Animal Welfare, Breeding, IAF Mission, UNESCO recognition. Date: 26/10/2013. Organized by: Patrizia Cimberio. For info:

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