IAF Brussels Office Position Applications are closed from today, 1st September 2014.

On July 31st 2014 an eBulletin notification that the EO Brussels Position had been opened, was sent to the 129 National Delegates and Member Club Representatives.

On the 7th August a link to the eBulletin was placed in the centre of the IAF Website Homepage and and an explanatory paragraph was then added, so that the Call for Applications became opened up general viewing.  

July 31st Notice

We are moving forward in our implementation of the Business Plan and developing the support structures for the IAF, which have been made possible by the generous support of the Emirates Falconry Club and Abu Dhabi.

Call for applications for the post of “Executive Officer” within the IAF.

With the inception of the IAF Business Plan and with the intention of establishing a professional office to provide logistical and other support to the organization, the IAF will appoint an Executive Officer to be based in Brussels, Belgium.

The holder of this position will report to IAF President and Board of Directors (the IAF Advisory Committee). The Executive Officer (EO) will be responsible for the implementation of IAF policy, the promotion of and protection of Falconry as a legitimate field sport and the conservation and welfare of birds of prey. The EO is responsible to the President of the IAF.

Applicants are invited to request a detailed Job Description and submit a motivation and CV to the President of the IAF on lombard@iaf.org for consideration. 

The duties of the Executive Officer include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing a range of support to IAF Delegates, regional Vice-Presidents, and Member Organizations
  • Assisting in formulation of overall IAF strategic and tactical plans and the implementation of the IAF Business Plan. The EO will manage budgets including the annual operating budget of the IAF. The EO will be responsible for planning and organization of AGMs and other meetings of the IAF and will collaborate with the Editorial Board to assist with and develop the various publications of the IAF.
  • Being responsible for creating, assisting, and implementing various IAF fund raising activities, including the sourcing of direct donations and through the establishment of entrepreneurial enterprises.
  • Establishing effective working relationships with allied organizations, conservation and hunting NGOs, government and political entities and with member organizations.
  • Managing the internal functions of the Executive Office including information technology, oversight, and communication services. This will also include the selection and administration of any support staff. The EO will also prepare annual reports and serve on the Board of IAF Trusts.

A Qualified Applicant will:

1. Have formal training equivalent to a four-year college degree. Studies or previous experience in administration, business and/or biology are assets

2. Possess the knowledge and skills to:

  • practice falconry with a fundamental understanding of the laws under which the sport is regulated.
  • understand fundamental biological concepts of raptor and prey populations, especially in those birds utilized in falconry.
  • speak English and one other official language of Belgium (German, Dutch, and French); fluency in other languages would be an asset.
  • propose budgets and manage the resources of his/her office.
  • demonstrate entrepreneurial skills to establish and manage sustainable enterprises to generate funding for the organization.
  • produce, write, and deliver presentations and oratory on falconry and related issues.
  • utilize the suite of programs in Microsoft office (at a minimum).

3. Demonstrate leadership, interpersonal and communication skills to:

  • understand, motivate and aid volunteer staff and officers to complete the tasks of the organization.
  • negotiate with all individuals including governmental and non-governmental personnel.

4. Have the highest ethical standards and unimpeachable record enabling:

  • unrestricted travel in the EU and throughout the world.
  • Affirmation that he/she has never been convicted or pled guilty or no contest to any violation of any wildlife law or regulation.

This Call for Applications goes firstly to National Delegates and to representatives of IAF Member Organizations. In the coming two weeks it will be published on our IAF website.

The call for applications will close on 31st August. All applications will then be considered by the executive and the AC will be provided with a short-list of applicants for consideration. A final decision is expected before December. In the meantime we will continue to work on other aspects of the Business Plan and will be advising you of these developments shortly.

Adrian Lombard,                                                                                                  President International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey.


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