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The International Association for Falconry wants to interest children and young people around the world and give them an opportunity to gain an insight into the art of falconry. You can learn more about falconry on our website; if you miss something or have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will try to answer your questions or to help you. Link: click here

A falconer is someone who hunts wild game with a trained bird of prey. Falconers can acquire a bird of prey from a breeder or take one from the wild, depending on the laws of each country. After the bird is trained it can be used for hunting.

Have a look at the “For new falconers" (LINK). The most important thing of all is for you to find someone to help you.

A bird that feeds on animal flesh, distinguished by a hooked bill and sharp talons; a raptor. 

A raptor is another name for a bird of prey. Raptors are powerful birds which hunt animals or feed off (scavenge) dead animals. All raptors have strong hooked beaks, sharp talons (or claws) and excellent eyesight to allow them to find food and survive. 

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PEREGRINE FALCON (Falco peregrinus)

I´m well known as the fastest animal on earth- when I fold my wings, shaped like a teardrop, I can reach up to 320 km/h in free fall- any F1 car is slow compared to me! My preferred prey is exclusively feathered quarry and I need to hunt from a high pitch. Once I see a suitable bird (Crows, Pheasants, Partridge or Pigeon) flying beneath me, I stoop down and try to catch it- one hit with my feet may make it unconscious. My technique is unique and only found among falcons but if I don’t hit it the first time, my chance is gone as I need verve to catch my prey successfully. 

FUN FACTS: Peregrines are  the fastest animal on the planet... they can reach speeds of 320 km per hour...

See if you know the different parts of a raptor!

Use these words...
Feather / Tail / Talons/ Beak/ Eye/ Wing

Can you help the Hawk to eat?

How many did you get?
(answers on the back page)

1 - Luiza e Nankin (F. sparverius)  / 2- Megan e Kevin (Caracara plancus) / 3 - Zion e F. femoralis / 4 - Kenzo e Jiraya (Parabuteo unicinctus)/ 4 - Issy on the occasion of Aggies first free flight (Michael Calvin)

Many Associations, ONG´s and Falconers work to promote Environmental Education and also to promote young falconers. Know who they are...

PREDAR (BRAZIL) - Environmental Education Project with Raptors, has as objectives: To carry out activities of environmental education with citizens present in public spaces, to demonstrate the basic concepts of the biology of a bird of prey and its respective importance in the ecosystem, to raise awareness about the negative Trafficking of wildlife, raise public awareness of the importance of conserving natural resources, stimulate sustainable environmental practices, and disseminate information on the falconry practice in Brazil. 

FALCON COLLEGE FALCONRY CLUB – Zimbabwe (Photographs and Article by Munene Kermer). The school was developed from the infrastructure of an old gold mine, and started up in 1954. The students range in age from 12 to 18. There were originally only 36 boys, and there are now just under 400 students, including 12 girls. The school emblem is a Lanner Falcon.

FALCEDU (Slovakia) - A real primary &; secondary school from Slovakia teaching its students falconry on daily basis. Falconry is a compulsory subject at our school.

APRENDIENDO ENTRE PLUMAS (MEXICO) Is a program that arises from the need to raise the awareness of new generations and as we do carrying birds that are injured and that we have rehabilitated using falconry since it is the perfect link for a good rehabilitation and release, taking them to children between 3 and 16 years old.


Raptor Workbooks for Irish Primary Schools

(Natasha Murphy, Irish Hawking Club)

Three Irish County Councils (Clare, Galway and Tipperary) have worked in collaboration with Birdwatch Ireland to, through funding provided by the Heritage Council, produce educational workbooks on Irish raptors for primary schools. These counties hold vital populations of rare breeding raptors, such as the declining Hen Harrier and the reintroduced White-tailed Sea Eagle. Sadly, there is also a long history of raptor persecution in these counties and in wider Ireland. For example, Ireland’s first White-tailed Sea Eagle fledgling in over 110 years was shot dead in County Tipparary in 2014. Instilling a love for these birds at a young age may be one of the only ways to help our raptors recover from this cultural persecution.

Each pupil received a free workbook. Two workbooks were produced, one for 1st to 3rd class (ages 8-10) and another for 4th to 6th class (ages 11-13). Teachers were encouraged to attend workshops on how best to use the workbooks in class. These workshops were run by John Lusby, a raptor conservation officer at Birdwatch Ireland. A short video was also provided to go alongside the workbooks.


1 - What is used to cover the eyes of a falconer´s bird?

2 - Which is the fastest bird in the world?

3 - Which bird of prey comes out to hunt at night?

4 - In raptors, which is usually bigger, the male or female?

5 - What do Peregrine Falcons eat?

6 - What are the basic equipment of a falconry bird?

Irene and her Hawks

By Alessandra Oliveto    

Irene is 10 years old and lives in Spain, her father Juan Daniel Rossello Riutort is a falconer, we saw Irene for the first time in a photo in the Instagram where the father was all proud of her and placed the subtitle: "Since a little girl my daughter follows my footsteps in this passionate world of falconry, in this image with her hawk named Guapo "(fig 1).

The little girl started to get interested in Falconry at the age of six. She almost needs no supervision in handling her bird, Juan says with happiness and adds, "She learns everything quickly and enjoys training her falcon”.   Irene participated in the Baleares championship of Falconry and was in third place in the category Racing Falcons. She currently trains a hybrid of Gyr-Lanner x Peregrinus named Atalaya.  

 "I am very proud of Irene especially for transmitting love and respect for the birds of prey and for appreciating the art of Falconry and hunting in a respectful way with the environment." Juan says.  

 We are very happy every time we see a photo or a video of Irene and hope that she grows more and more in the world of Falconry.

In Qatar International Falcons and Hunting Festival there is an exclusive competition for children and young people from 6 to 15 years old. Its name is YOUNG FALCONER COMPETITON.

This competition involves asking Young people a group of questions related to Falcons and Falconry. It aims to discover the talented young falconers.

Festival tournaments

9 - Young falconer from 6 to10 years
10- Young falconer competition from 11 to 15 years

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FROM 4th of Dec. till the 9th of Dec. 2017    

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates (may God protect him), the Cultural Program’s and Heritage Festivals Committee – Abu Dhabi hosts the 2017 International Festival of Falconry .                       
The new edition will feature more than 500 young falconers, experts, researchers, including officials from over 80 countries with representatives from UNESCO and other international organizations concerned with the preservation of the heritage of falconry, and the protection of the environment.

“It is our task to pass on the Art of Falconry to the Youth, securing the transfer of our unique falconry tradition and practice onto the next generation”

The Festival provides an environment for the exchange and dialogue between civilizations and cultures, and offers a rare platform for the gathering of people, organizations and individuals who hold a special interest in falconry.

The main objective remains the passing on to the next generation and how to promote, protect and develop this heritage which is considered a significant pillar of national identity, and which has been inscribed on UNESCOs Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The International Festival of Falconry enjoys a significant international reputation, and draws hundreds of falconers, experts, and specialists from around the world. The educational activities, art and cultural aspect will leave a strong impression on the lovers of falconry. The Festival is also an occasion to display the UAE’s commitment to preservation and the protection of falconry as part of its heritage and promoting its sustainability.

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