At the recent Annual General Meeting of the IAF in the Netherlands the establishment of a World Falconry Day was unanimously approved. On November 16th of each year, participants from the largest possible number of countries, are invited to work  to a common theme related to falconry. The main objectives are to identify and promote falconry by:

  • Promoting the feeling of belonging to the falconry community
  • Increasing the visibility of falconry to society
  • Promoting cooperation in different sectors in favor of falconry (academic, cultural, social, political ....)

World Falconry Day will be held every year on November 16th. This year it coincides with the third anniversary of the recognition of falconry by UNESCO and is also  the tenth anniversary of the UNESCO Convention for Intangible Cultural Heritage. Falconry has been the most prestigiously international inscription in the history of the Convention.

The slogan of World Falconry Day for 2013 is  ¨Falconry: celebrating a Living Human Heritage”. Global falconry day is being organized by an IAF working group set up especially for this purpose, coordinated by Dr. Javier Ceballos, international delegate for AECCA, the Spanish Falconers' Association.

To participate simply send the submission form, soon available at Events proposed by IAF member organizations and / or members of the working group will be assessed for eventual integration into the official program which will be promoted on the IAF website, through press releases and through the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Clubs and organizations can participate, so can individual falconers all over the world (whether or not they are part of the IAF), public and private entities can participate (whether or not they have commercial or economic interests), and generally anyone interested. Proposals for collective and individual initiatives will be posted on the IAF website

Examples of activities:

National Falconry Associations: open day for the general public, organization of hunting parties with selected falconers, workshops / courses...
Academic: lecture s, seminars, conferences…
Cultural: exhibition in museums and civic buildings of artworks related to falconry, documentaries,  guided tours in museums to show masterpieces related to falconry, Proposed routes & visits where it is possible see falconry’s masterpieces  (example: falconry Romanesque capitals in the province of Segovia, Spain XIIIth -  XIVth centuries, or paintings of falconry in the Palace of Siena, Italy), falconry exhibitions, expositions ...
Schools: presentations at schools, school competitions writing, drawing, whole day visits to schools by groups of falconers ...
Social: visits to airports where falconry is used as a resource to ensure flight safety, participation in hunting parties with falconry birds
Presence in the Media: TV and radio interviews, press articles, reports.


International coordination:

IAF will coordinate things internationally, but there is no need to go through IAF if you want to host an event and promote it yourself, you can still use the WFD logo (just not the IAF one).
Organizations wishing to go through IAF should submit its ideas which must be supported by the falconry community in their country, and by different institutions.
All those who want to participate in the global day of falconry can find information on the IAF website. Upon receiving their proposals, IAF will send an information resource pack . They may also consult their respective National Delegate.

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Falconry, Heritage and Culture.