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IAF eBulletin May 2017

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Perdix Portal Launched in Brussels with Art Exhibition and 'Edible Landscape'

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The falconry community is acting to help restore farmland biodiversity in Europe via the Perdix Portal, which was launched this week with an exhibition of wildlife art in Brussels.

The Portal is a multilingual site full of tools and techniques for the revitalisation of farmland biodiversity, translated by experts into 17 languages. It takes the grey partridge as its flagship species, and links to regional sites with country-specific help on partridge restoration; Perdix-UK and Perdix-DE are already running, with more coming.

Get in touch to set up a national Perdix site in your own country

The Portal puts cutting-edge research and professional-grade mapping tools into the hands of citizens, for free - whether they are farmers, land managers, beekeepers or community groups.

If someone you know is interested in restoring the biodiversity on their own patch, please tell them about it.

The Portal is a project of the IAF in collaboration with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) and IUCN's group on the Sustainable Use and Management of Ecosystems (SUME), supported by the European Sustainable Use Group (ESUG), but it represents a huge effort by a long list of other collaborating groups and individuals, many of whom are credited below.

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To celebrate this achievement, and to officially launch the site, an art exhibition and cocktail reception were held at the Bozar in Brussels on Thursday 11th May.

Popup posters about Perdix at the Bozar

Launch and Exhibition

A huge thank you goes to the artists who brought or sent their work to be shown: Laura Doudard, Andrew Ellis, Johan Kolman, Miguel Angel Moraleda, Merel De Mol, John Naylor, Bernd Pöppelmann, Eoghan Ryan and, last but not least, Mark Upton, who brought together this stellar range of artists.

A toy tractor loads marzipan and strawberry strawbales onto a trailer

Alongside the aesthetic nourishment, guests were also treated to an 'edible landscape' made of herbs, fruit, and Belgian chocolate. Popup posters told the story of the Portal, and a large touchscreen was on hand for live demonstrations.

The event was a triumph of teamwork, with IAF volunteers, staff, and visiting artists all working together to put up and take down the exhibition.

Thank you to all those who braved the lightning storm to be there!

Explore the Perdix Portal

IAF New Sponsor of Mongolian School Links Programme

School Links Programme logo

Project Manager Nicola Dixon writes:

The School Links Programme was established in 2010 as part of the Mongolian Artificial Nest Project. This education project links young people worldwide through falconry and falcon conservation. The global falconry community has been supportive and enthusiastic, with many falconers teaching and promoting the programme in their home countries.

The IAF recently became the programme's new sponsor. This is great news. We will be working closely with falconers and falcon conservationists to ensure that the School Links Programme continues to grow and develop.

With IAF support, we can increase the numbers of students, falconers, schools and countries involved. The new and revamped IAF School Links Programme, including an improved website, will be launched at the International Festival of Falconry 2017.

We currently have 38 schools in the link, in Austria, Bulgaria, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, and the UK, USA and UAE. Following the November 2016 IAF meeting, falconers from Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico and South Africa have also expressed an interest in joining the programme.

Students, teachers and falconers are encouraged to use our educational resources on falcons, falconry and falcon conservation and reintroduction; sustainable use; dangers to falcons through electrocution; food chains and top predators; and peregrine migration.

Units of work include Powerpoints, worksheets, videos, games, flashcards, art, and drama activities including performance scripts. These will now be updated and extended to increase accessibility for international young people, teachers, parents and falconers.

The primary aim in 2010 was to create an education programme to ensure the longevity of the 5000 artificial nests erected on the Mongolian Steppe, and that work continues.

Each year, all 20 Mongolian schools in the link visit artificial nests near their homes. This is always a highlight of the School Links calendar, with students learning about food chains, sustainable harvest of falcons for falconry, and electrocution of birds of prey.

The team will be travelling with a goshawk to 20 soums (counties) over the next month.

Check out our Facebook page for photographs and updates.

Maybe you have time to visit your local school with your falcon, hawk or eagle? Or do you know a school that wishes to join the link programme?

Contact Nicola Dixon for more information
Join our closed Facebok group to get fully involved

International Festival of Falconry: Registration and Youth Sponsorships

International Festival of Falconry logo

Anyone who would like to attend the Festival of Falconry in Abu Dhabi, 4-9 December 2017, should register now - whether you are sponsored or supporting your own trip.

You do not have to be sponsored to attend the Festival. Everyone is encouraged to come and join in the celebrations, activities and workshops. To be sure of a place, please register as soon as possible.

If you are a youth recommended for sponsorship by your national organisation, you must register now: time is running out, and there is now a waiting list for places. If you have delayed registering because you do not yet have a valid passport to scan and upload, you can upload a photo of yourself instead, and send your passport scan later.

If you are an IAF Delegate who has still not responded to the call for names for youth sponsorship, please get in touch with the IAF's festival organisers as soon as possible, otherwise your sponsored places will be lost.

The Festival website is in production. In the meantime, get in touch and keep updated via social media:

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Pre-order your 2017 IAF Journal Now

IAF Journal cover image 2017 by A. Ellis

This year's Journal of Falconry is entering the final stages of production before printing this summer.

The 2017 edition features articles on hunting snipe in Ireland, merlin-hawking in the USA and UK, and a piece by Baudouin Van den Abeele on ancient falconry manuscripts.

As always, National Delegates, Club Representatives, and Individual Subscribers will receive copies by post. If you would like to pre-order your own copies of this glossy, high-quality publication, for yourself or as a gift, you can now do so via the IAF's webstore.

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Diaries, Dates, and Instagram

German UNESCO Celebration

On 10th June German falconers will hold a great event to celebrate UNESCO's inclusion of German falconry in the inscription of World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Anybody who plans to attend the event should contact DFO Secretary Anke Bormann.

IAF Meet, Czech Republic, 11-15 Oct.

We ask all European Delegates and accompanying persons to register for the 1st IAF European Meeting, in Opočno this October, by emailing and

Please provide the following information: date, time and place of arrival and departure; means of transport; and whether you will take the bus from Prague to Opočno (Thursday evening) and from Opočno to Prague (Sunday morning).

Meet information (in  English).

IAF Public Diary and Instagram

The IAF now maintains a publicly accessible diary. It includes not only IAF-organised events, but also all the conferences and meetings at which the IAF will be represented. You can also find a link to it on the homepage.

The IAF is now also on the photo-sharing social network Instagram. Follow us here.

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