IAF New Year Message 2016

Falconers and friends,

The New Year brings us opportunities to build on the achievements of past years. The IAF will continue to advance the Art of Falconry as a reputable field sport and a human heritage. Falconry should be accessible to anyone who wishes to develop a hunting relationship with raptors and who is willing to subject themselves to the demands of our Art.

We will continue to work to engage with falconers who are not yet part of the global family of falconers represented by IAF. We have seen the inclusion of falconers from China in the past year and we believe there are many more in China and the Russian Federation who we have yet to contact. Our Officer for Subcontinent, Kamran Khan, has undertaken a successful mission to Afghanistan, where he has contacted local falconers and has introduced them to the IAF. The establishment of the new Vice Presidency for the MENA Region will allow us to approach falconers in the Middle East and North Africa and engage them with the IAF.

Similarly, in the past year we have contributed to the development of falconry in Latin America with growing involvement and greater regional cooperation. 

The IAF has entrenched its role as an Advisory NGO to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Directorate of UNESCO. We continue to support additional nations joining the growing list of member nations in the Falconry submission and we hope to see a further 5 nations join in the coming year.

The IAF is gaining greater recognition for Falconry and Falconers as a significant force in the conservation of Biodiversity. This year will see the IUCN World Congress in Hawai’i and the IAF is building to have a real presence at this event. We have heard that our proposal for a Poster event has been accepted. We are currently busy preparing a Motion for a Recommendation by the Congress on the scourge of electrocution currently suffered by raptors. This year will also see the CITES CoP in South Africa. The IAF has worked to assist Canada in considering the presentation of a motion to down-list the Peregrine Falcon. This CITES CoP is likely to be a hugely political event with issues of sustainable use versus non-consumptive philosophies.

The IAF will also continue to work towards entrenching itself as the expert organization with respect to the welfare concerns of falconry raptors. We welcome and support the Second International Veterinary Conference at the Souk Wafik falcon Hospital in Qatar in January. Our work should support and enhance the welfare standards for falconry raptors as well as support the acceptance of correctly applied falconry methods in the management of hawks.

The IAF has, unquestionably, an essential role in the continued practice of falconry around the world. It remains an organization which relies on the work of volunteers. The opening of the Professional Office in Brussels in April 2015, now provides essential logistical support to the volunteers but we continue to need people who are prepared to work for falconry and we need sustainable funding. We work to ensure that ordinary falconers can continue to take the field with their hawks and practice their Art well and legitimately.

I wish you all an exciting and productive 2016 and may your hawks fly well.

Adrian Lombard, IAF President. Photographs by Khamran Khan

Qatar Second International Falcons Veterinary Conference 2016

The conference will be composed of lectures on birds of prey (mainly falcons), endoscopy, orthopedic, ophthalmology and soft tissue surgery master classes and practical lab and excursions including “Marmi, the challenge” (falcons’ competitions) and Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation. More detailed information will be provided as soon as possible. Meanwhile do not miss the opportunity to participate in this interesting and unique conference. Click here for the Registration Form and to receive more information as it becomes available.

Download proceedings and papers from the 2014 Conference in Doha

Speakers at the 2016 Conference, Doha, 23rd-30 January

- Ali Bin Abdulla Al Mesned, Falcon tradition and alternative medicine.

- Dr Ikdam Alkarkhi, Surveillance of endoparasites in falcons in Qatar from 2011.

- Dr Faisal Cheeran, Radiographic evaluation of the sizes of internal organs in falcons.

- Dr Qurat Ul Ain, Study of Bacteriology in Falcons presented to Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital during the year 2014 – 2015.

- Prasoon E Raheem, Molecular biology – Past, Present and Future in Clinical Diagnosis.

- Dr Amrita Deb, An update on the potential zoonoses in hunting falcons.

- Farooq Alejli, Towards a comprehensive understanding of the complex traits and the interbreeding in Falcons: A Genetic and Genomic approach.

- Dr Francois le Grange, A case report on a Cape Vulture with 220 Bee stings around head and neck.

- Dr Wouter Pieters, Surgery of traumatic injury of lessor adjutant.

- Dr Hussain Yawar, Falcon Nutrition.

- Dr Tony Oranje, A field study of Aspergillosis in the Netherlands for the registration of Fungitraxx.

- Prof. Dr. med. vet. Habil. Rüdiger Korbel, Optical Coherence Tomography & Co. - Recent advances in raptor ophthalmology imaging techniques; Ophthalmology Practical lab Raptor Ophthalmology - Principles and Application

- Dr Lorenzo Crosta, Clinical cases of birds of prey; Endoscopy Practical Lab.

- Dr Dave Scott, Interesting raptor cases; Orthopaedic Practical lab.

- Dr Christina Hebel, ‘Scoop the Poop’ Importance of taking faecal samples.

- Dr Kristina Dorobek, Three dimensional Ultrasonography of Avian eyes, especially in birds of prey; Ophthalmology Practical lab assistant.

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