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IAF 2018 Council of Delegates Meeting

Invitation from Deutsche Falkenorden

"The Deutsche Falkenorden invites the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF) to hold its annual Council of Delegates Meeting from 21 to 24 October 2018, and invites members and friends from around the world to an international falconry meeting from 24 to 28 October 2018 in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany.

The meeting is taking place under the kind patronage of Dr. Markus Söder, Bavarian Prime Minister ."

Hans­-Albrecht Hewicker President, Deutscher Falkenorden

Please click on the image or the sub-title for a link to the brochure or here to access the DFO website information in English. All queries about the meeting (apart from those specific to the IAF Council Meeting) should go through the addresses provided there. All Delegates and Official Club Representatives attending must register with the DFO using those links. IAF encourages clubs to consider sending a youth observer, perhaps someone who attended the 2017 Falconry Festival. It is very encouraging to see that the future of falconry can be assured in this way.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again.

Official Notices for the Council of Delegate Meeting

These official notices will also be sent by direct email to the Delegates and Official Club Contacts, together with a copy of the 2017 IAF Constitution (in French and English), which includes the amendments voted in at the Cholpon Ata, Kygyzstan Council of Delegates Meeting. That document is public and is also available upon direct request, in full. Some relevant clauses are quoted below.

The official dates and venue for the meetings will be:

  1. IAF Board and Advisory Committee meeting - Sunday 21st October (closed or by special invitation of the President of IAF)
  2. IAF Council of Delegates Meeting - Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October (open to Board, Advisory Committee, IAF Individual Subscribers and others special invitation of the President of IAF)
  3. Venue for all the meetings: Welcome Kongresshotel Bamberg, Mußstraße 7, 96047 Bamberg

Election year

This is a special AGM in that it marks the end of the two-term presidency of Dr. Adrian Lombard, so it is an election year. Having completed the maximum two terms, Dr. Lombard must stand down, so candidatures are invited for the presidency.

Some vice-presidents have completed three years (one-term) of office, so candidates are also invited for the following vice-presidencies: 

  • Europe, Africa South of the Sahara & Oceania
  • Asia
  • Middle East North Africa

Those three vice-presidents may stand again, but elections must also be held for those three positions and candidatures are invited.

Some relevant extracts from the Constitution

  • Article 10: Council Meetings.
    10.1. A Council Meeting shall be called at least every two years by the President but more frequent meetings may be held on the President's initiative or at the request of at least two thirds (2/3) of the duly selected National Delegates. When funding is available, Council Meetings may be held in different geographical regions of the world with the invitation of the national Member Organization.
    10.2. A Voting Delegate may give, in case he cannot attend a specific Council meeting, a proxy in writing to a Voting Delegate of another Organization for purposes of voting on such matters that may come before the Council. A Voting Delegate may hold no more than two (2) proxies. For purposes of conducting business a quorum of the Council is established when at least twenty-five (25) of the duly selected National Delegates are present or represented by proxy in writing.
    10.3. The Council shall have the authority to establish the broad outlines of the I.A.F.'s policy, to examine the financial statements, to set the dues and generally to conduct such other business as necessary for the proper operation of the I.A.F.
    10.4. The Council shall be informed of the work of the committees and working parties or groups. It may approve, amend or reject any of their recommendations. It shall review the President's report of his activity since the last meeting.
    10.5. The Council shall adopt resolutions by a majority vote of the Voting Delegates present or by proxy provided that a quorum of the Council votes on all such resolutions.
  • 11.1. President.
    11.1.1. The President of I.A.F. is elected for three (3) years at a Council meeting pursuant to Article 10.6. The President shall begin his term of office on January 1 of the year following his election.
    11.1.2. The President must be a National Delegate of or nominated by a Member Organisation, and after serving a term is eligible for re-election to a second term of office. A president is not eligible for more than two terms of office.
  • 11.2. Vice Presidents.
    11.2.1. The Vice Presidents of I.A.F. are elected for three (3) years at a Council meeting pursuant to Article 10.6. A Vice President shall begin his term of office on January 1 of the year following his election.
    11.2.2. The Vice Presidents must be National Delegates of or nominated by a Member Organisation, and after serving a term are eligible for re-election to a second term of office. A vice-president is not eligble for more than two terms of office.


In order to allow for circulation of the candidature lists, the deadline for the receipt of candidatures, complete with their nomination by a member organization, is 31st May. 

The following must be sent to the Executive Secretary, Adrian Reuter, to arrive one month before the meeting i.e., before 21st September:

  1. Proxy instructions (if required), if the delegate cannot attend
  2. Any items for discussion on the agenda of the meetings,
  3. New membership applications requiring decisions

NB If you know your IAF delegate has changed, or if there have been major changes in your board, please notify us at It is important that this notificvation reaches the right person in your club.

Saker Project by Mongolian Falconers' Association

The “Hand to Help” project is a good example of successful public (Ministry of Energy) and private partnership. It's goal is the prevention of Saker Falcon deaths in the area of Argalant by equipping electric poles with special protective tools. The implementation of the project will lead to best practices being used in other rural areas where death due to electrocution on power lines is high.

This is a small project, but it is actually doing something. In the future, it will be necessary to modernize the entire transmission line in the model area of Argalant, replacing dangerous supports and wires with alternative safe ones, but this with be the first sample project to bring together international falconry communities in saving and protecting this iconic species .

In the days since the crowd-funding site has been live, small amounts have been collected from just eleven people, just enough to retrofit one pole. It is hoped to raise €1500 for this section of electricity lines . Irish Hawking Club's Don Ryan has suggested that "It may be an idea to try get clubs to individually sponsor a pole. There could be a whip around among members with the balance made up by club coffers. Each club could then get a sign on their pole saying ‘Sponsored by that club’. Photos can be taken and sprawled across the various media outlets. Each club then benefits by being advertised as involved in international raptor conservation. Just a thought…. " 

Donate to "Hands to Help" here

Learn more about avian electrocution and the efforts being made to prevent it by going to 

Partridge News

Francis Bruner, member of our IAF Biodiversity Working Group, has sent press releases about the North Sea Region partridge project for circulation. There is an interesting combination of stories varying from two major media events in The Netherlands, appearance at the Forum for the Future of Agriculture Conference (FFA) and a local farmer story from the Rotherfield demonstration site.

Please circulate this in your club newsletters, the more people who know about how farmland biodiversity loss can be reversed, the better.

Meeting of IAF Biodiversity Working Group

A meeting is proposed for Saturday 2nd June at the IAF offices at rue de Flandre 31, 1000 Brussels, beginning at 10am. Will members of the group and interested parties please contact  or Dr. Michael Greshake for details. 

Reception after the meeting (office opening)

On the evening after this Biodiversity Meeting there will be a reception in the office to celebrate the opening of the office and completion of the move of IAF into its new home. Please contact Véronique Blontrock for details, travel and accommodation possibilities and to suggest people you would like invited: MEPs, officials, NGO's etc.

News from Sweden

A very positive article has appeared in Jakt & Jägare, the Swedish hunting magazine: an interview with Tommy Wingren, chairman of the Swedish Falconers' Association. 

He describes how it is allowed to hunt with birds of prey everywhere in Europe, except in Sweden and Norway. The Swedish authorities interpret the EU Birds Directive very narrowly. He has requested a dispensation from section 23 of the Protection Ordinance, in order to to raise and keep birds of prey to a limited extent for educational purposes in order to preserve the heritage of falconry for future generations.

He says that permission is a political issue and pointed out that the Danish Parliament recently said yes to the reintroduction of falconry for a four-year trial period.

He cited the 2010 inscription on UNESCO's World Heritage List as an immense cultural heritage and the number of countries and clubs worldwide that are united in the IAF.

He requested a special hunters' exam a matter of course and stated that the Swedish Falconers' Association is working intensively with the British Falconry Club to develop a proposal for training as a supplement to the honors degree.

CITES notification on the withdrawal of the UK and EU rules on trade in protected species

Information coming directly from the CITES department of the European Commission will be of interest to anyone hoping to hunt or import or export hawks across the new border with the UK, which will come into force after BREXIT commences.

Basically, it is saying that specimens of species included in Annexes A and B, i.e., protected species including most falcons and hawks, will need an import permit issued by a management authority of the Member State of destination.

The link is worth following: document from EU Commission

IAF and New European General Data Protection Regulation

This is the new set of guidelines that dictate how individuals and companies may acquire, utilize, store, and delete the personal data of European Union (EU) citizens, coming into force in May of this year.

IAF stores the email addresses of its National Delegates and Club Representatives for direct communication and also has a list of email recipients for this eBulletin and the eNewsletter. We are already compliant with the new regulation in the way we use these lists, but ask you all to re-validate your consent.

TO CONTINUE TO RECEIVE THE IAF eBULLETIN AND THE IAF eNEWSLETTER PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO WITH THE FOLLOWING TEXT: "With this email I consent to receiving the IAF eBulletin and the IAF eNewsletter. I understand that my name and email address or other information I provide will not be passed on to third parties"

We have also updated our website security and are now using IT professional services for all our websites.The Mailerlite system we use for these bulletins has issued an explanatory blogto help users to understand the new EU regulations.

If you do not wish to receive these directly, you can always find them on the IAF website and the Facebook and Twitter pages.

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