I.A.F. Council Meetings 19 – 23 June 2013
Last call for Registration Booking for the I.A.F. Council Meetings must be made and confirmed before 24st of May 2013!

In turn THERE ARE many deadlines for all sort of reservations in locations and transport arrangements and therefore the registration fee HAS HAD TO BE INCREASED to € 120,00 per person for those staying in the Dommelvallei (Form I) and to € 185,00 per person for those staying elsewhere (Form II) for  reservations made after the 21st of 
May 2013.

Friday 21st Banquet in Geleen

It would be much appreciated if you dress up in your festive and/or traditional attire for this occasion!

Saturday 22nd visit to Paleis Het Loo National Museum departure of the coach is at 09.30 latest

The trip by bus to Apeldoorn will take approximately 1 1/2 hours.   Information. For several centuries, well before the establishment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands after the Napoleonic wars, the Loo Palace near Apeldoorn was a hunting base of the princes of Orange and other members of  the Orange-Nassau family. Large tracts of land, open heath and forest, were available to them especially for par force hunts on horseback with hounds. Because of the existence of several heron colonies near the palace also falconry, in particular the flight on the heron, belonged to their regular hunting pleasures.   
Especially because of a number of British falconers who had recognised the suitability of the area near the Loo Palace in The Netherlands for falconry, the Royal Loo Hawking Club was founded under the patronage of the Dutch Sovereign in 1839.
For some 16 years an international group of falconers met early in the year during the breeding season of the heron. On Soeren heath, sometimes dressed in historic costumes, peregrines trapped near Valkenswaard and gyrfalcons from Scandinavia, were flown at herons during their foraging flights. Professional falconers like Adriaan Mollen, Jan Bots and others played a major role during these flights. The captured herons were mostly released and in case they had not survived their capture, they would be consumed. Horse races and shooting matches provided further entertainment. The Club was disbanded in 1855.
Dick ten Bosch, a member of the Adriaan Mollen falconry club and a director of the Falconry Heritage Trust, has arranged for a special tour of the Palace. The museum will display a number of falconry artifacts from their depot and from other museums, which normally are not on view. These include some newly acquired falconry paintings.   Lunch will be served in the museum.

Saturday 22nd Barbeque on the Golf Club of Valkenswaard from 18.30

Two events have been scheduled during this BBQ which you shouldn’t miss.

1/ The flight of a ‘Peregrine Falcon’ or Robird by Nico Nijenhuis and Ramon Wind.

The newly founded company Clear Flight Solutions by Nico Nijenhuis - University of Twente,
focuses on the implementation of remotely piloted robotic birds: Robirds.

Robirds have the realistic appearance of a Peregrine Falcon and a Bald Eagle. This unique invention uses flapping wing flight as a means of propulsion. Robirds not only resemble real birds of prey in appearance, but also in weight, flapping wing flight profile and flight performance.

Robirds are for instance exceptionally suitable for controlling nuisance birds. The silhouette combined with the characteristic wing movement of the Robirds trigger the inbuilt instinct in pest birds to fly up, flock together and try to out climb the Robird in exactly the same way they do when confronted with the predator the Robird represents.

Click here to visit the Website
Click here to see the Video 

2/ Charles Martin (Belgium) will demonstrate the first ever GPS telemetry
which transmits the animal GPS position in a 869.5 MHz radio channel instead of using the GSM system and being therefore independent of the GSM infrastructure. This
avoids the problem of blind areas and guarantees to recover the lost animal location in any circumstances and without latencies induced by a GSM channel. Longer battery life is also achieved in comparison to GSM based system.

With its very high sensitivity and its small size, the Martin System telemetry receiver allows long range operation. Range can be easily extended by temporarily placing the telemetry receiver on a drone that flies a few hundred meters high. Doing so, the receiver is able to collect animals locations that are far away, and to recover them once the drone lands. Thanks to a Bluetooth connection, the exact location of the animal can be displayed with any Smartphone or tablet on a beautiful map.

Mamluks and Animals Veterinary Medicine in Medieval Islam Housni

is the first comprehensive study of veterinary medicine, its practitioners and its patients in the medieval Islamic world, with special emphasis on the Mamluk period (1250-1517). Based on a large variety of sources, it is a history of a scientific field that is also examined from social and cultural perspectives. Horses, as well as Birds of Prey used for hawking and falconry, were at the centre of the veterinary literature of that period, but the treatment and cure of other animals was not totally neglected.
Visit the Publishers website 
This book can be ordered through the Valkerij Cultuurfonds and depending on the total number an attractive price reduction can be offered. Please contact: frits@fairholt.nl

Raffle & Auction Information

The raffle and an auction have now fantastic lots been submitted from around the world, including practical falconry furniture, for instance hoods from Spain and Canada, as well as the latest Marshall UHF telemetry and also paintings and drawings from top class artists.
For more information and the list of the prizes, please click here

For further contributions and information please contact Tony James (tonyjamesbfc@aol.com).

Amsterdam Travel Guide

Should you plan to visit Amsterdam before or after the meetings, a handy guide for the city of Amsterdam (latest edition 2013) is available.

Please email your request, including full postal mailing address, should you wish to receive the guide in advance, to Philippe König: p.konig@icloud.com

Internal information for Delegates only - Not to share