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IAF Newsletter Spring 2017

Enable images to see a manga falconer celebrating her goshawk catching a pheasant

Dynamic new online format for IAF Newsletter

As well as our monthly eBulletins, and the IAF's prestigious yearly Journal, each Spring sees the publication of the IAF Newsletter - and this year it's looking better than ever.

Compiled by IAF Newsletter Editor Hilary White, this year's edition has gripping stories of an eagle-hawking life from Lauren McGough, reflections on science and politics from Bruce Haak, a meeting with Japanese 'manga falconer' Gomakichi, travelogue pieces about IAF meets, introductions to new IAF members, and much, much more.

In an exciting departure from the usual PDF format, the Newsletter is now published on It is a pleasure to read on any device, mixes stories with video and other media, and is rich with links.


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