Dear Delegate, dear friend of IAF

I am now preparing the content for the first edition of the new IAF Newsletter discussed at our recent Council of Delegates Meeting. It will be an annual magazine and will be in addition to the International Journal of Falconry, which you know well.

This new magazine is to be focused on falconers and their activities in our member organizations and will be based upon your annual reports to IAF. Please submit your annual report to the Executive Secretary Gary Timbrell as soon as possible, together with as many photographs of your members, individually or in groups, so that they can see themselves in print. Your national costume may also be shown if possible and your national language may be used.

You can also reply to me directly at if you care to. Any help I can give let me know. The main point is include more about your club members to give your members more exposure with more photos etc.

Kind regards

Anthony Crosswell
Phone ++44 1379 677 296
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Editor - IAF Journal