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Logo Contest: Falconry Intangible Cultural Heritage

Falconry was added to the lists of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage on 16th November 2010. For the official page of “Falconry, living heritage” on UNESCO website click here. There are many events, publications and exhibitions related to the Falconry as International Cultural Heritage (FICH).

IAF is announcing a competition for the design of a logo to help us to show the global aspects of falconry culture and heritage. It will be used to promote the “Falconry, living heritage” as well as to unite falconers of the world around this idea. The logo will be used by falconers, falconry organisations and groups who agree to the rules. IAF will hold the copyright and retain a right to deny usage of the FICH logo by any person or organisation if there is suspicion of misusing it or using it against falconry. The rules will be published on IAF website.

The Contest Committee will make a first selection, which will go under public voting and the final decision will made by IAF President. The winner will first of all get a fame of creating a logo which will represent the vital aspect of falconry, our global cultural heritage. The winner will be given a thank you letter from the IAF President and the books “Falconry - Celebrating a Living Heritage” by Dr Javier Ceballos signed by author and "Art of Falconry" by Patrick Morel signed by author.An extract from the Rules of Contest:

  • FICH logo is a stylized image, which will be produced later everywhere as a brand for FICH, on websites, documents, letter-heads, business-cards, stickers, posters and any future production connected to FICH.
  • It should be very simple in one colour, so that it works when printed only in black and white (or any other colour), and without tones (i.e. with hard edges).
  • It should be clear as an image at the size of 1 cm (on a badge) and at 1 metre (on a banner or road sign).
  • The logo should be delivered in jpg format as well as in vector graphics.
  • One artist can provide a maximum of 3 proposals for the contest.
  • The contest is voluntarily; IAF is not obliged to choose a winner or use proposed logos.
  • The logo must be an evidence of the practice of falconry, can show a falconer, trained raptor and some kind of falconry furniture object or clothing
  • The image of falconry must be worldwide instead of local in order to show the relationship between man and bird of prey
  • Logo must be original work of the artist and cannot imitate any of the existing logo of falconry organisations or UNESCO or UNESCO ICH
  • The copyrights of a delivered for a contest image is automatically transferred to IAF.
  • The deadline for submitting the logo proposals is 1st May 2016.
  • The final decision will be made by 1st of October2016.
  • The contest is open to any artists who support falconry and agrees with IAF mission, code of conduct and rules and UNESCO ICH mission.
  • Artists by sending the logo to the contest automatically agree to the rules of the contest without any exception.

The full and only valid Rules of Contest are on the IAF website. In case of any questions please contact us at info@iaf.org

Petition against use of veterinary diclofenac

UK MEP Catherine Bearder has been very active in the campaign against veterinary use of diclofenac in Europe. This drug was responsible for wiping out 95% of Asian vulture populations as well as many thousands of eagles and other opportunistic carrion eaters. It has recently been licensed for use in Europe, whose own vulture populations are already perilously endanged. One meal on a carcass that had been given diclofenac before its death is enough to kill a vulture. Mrs. Bearder has started an online petition with the following declaration:

"The European Commission must take action to ban the use of diclofenac, a veterinary drug that is decimating the EU's population of vultures and eagles in Europe. The drug is used as a painkiller and antibiotic for livestock, but it's highly poisonous for birds of prey who feed on the carcasses of farmed animals. In the 1990s, vulture populations in the Indian subcontinent plummeted by 95% as a result of this drug. As a result it has now been banned in India, Pakistan and Nepal. The science is clear; the European Medical agency found last year that the use of diclofenac poses a risk to European vultures. Yet despite the policy of the precautionary principle it is still approved for use in European countries with threatened vulture populations, including Italy and Spain. Even though there are cheap alternatives available. I am calling on the European Commission to put in place an EU-wide ban on this drug which poses a risk to European wildlife. Please help stop the decline of already vulnerable European vulture and eagle populations before it is too late. Sign this petition to show your support for banning diclofenac in the EU now."

This petition is exactly in line with the IAF Statement on the veterinary use of diclofenac. IAF members and, in fact, all falconers, should sign this petition. IAF is a falconry organization. It is also a conservation organization. We are concerned with the conservation of all raptors and with the species we encounter in the areas we use. Vultures are the group of raptors which are of most conservation concern at present .The IAF has the role of global advocacy for falconry and we make claims that falconry is of merit because of the positive influences which it has on conservation. This sort of claim needs to be supported by evidence.

Please support this petition.

Obituary: il nous a quitté. Si Kaddour El Maksouri El Kasmi

Nous avons appris avec tristesse le décès de Si Kaddour El Maksouri El Kasmi, survenu à l’âge de plus de 100 ans. Si Kaddour El Maksouri El Kasmi était un fauconnier de grand talent, une figure incontournable de la Fauconnerie Lekouassem et Marocaine. Une vie dédiée à la Fauconnerie, une sagesse qui n'avait d'égal que sa gentillesse et son humour...une passion pour l’art de la fauconnerie au sein de l'Association des Fauconniers Lekouassems d'Ouled Frej(Maroc). Si Kaddour El Maksouri El Kasmi s'est éteint aujourd’hui,  2 Décembre 2015 et nous laisse forts de ses enseignements mais terriblement tristes.

Personnalité emblématique de l'Association des Fauconniers Lekouassems d'Ouled Frej(Maroc), Si Kaddour El Maksouri El Kasmi a consacré toute sa vie à l’art de la fauconnerie avec un engagement et une fidélité qui ont forcé l’admiration et le respect de tous. Au cours de ses longues années, il a milité pour la préservation de l’art de la fauconnerie au Maroc.

On ne peut pas résumer la vie d’un homme en quelques mots et nous le pouvons encore moins quand il s’agit de Si Kaddour El Maksouri El Kasmi. Toutefois, dévouement, justice, courage et honnêteté sont quelques unes des valeurs qui le définissent le mieux. Tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de partager avec lui son engagement inconditionnel pour l’art de la fauconnerie, et particulièrement Si Mohammed El Ghazouani, président de l'Association des Fauconniers Lekouassems d'Ouled Frej(Maroc), se souviendront longtemps de Si Kaddour El Maksouri El Kasmi et de ses immenses qualités humaines.

Dans ces douloureuses circonstances Hadj Abdelmajid Nejdi, Elmostafa Lekhiar, Abdelhak Nejdi, Ahmed Chahid et toute la famille de « eljadidasat.info » présentent leurs sincères condoléances à la famille du défunt, à Si Mohammed El Ghazouani, président de l'Association des Fauconniers Lekouassems d'Ouled Frej(Maroc) et à tous ses amis. Puisse Dieu Le Tout Puissant accorder au défunt Sa Sainte Miséricorde et l’accueillir en son vaste paradis.

Par : Hadj Abdelmajid Nejdi

The above obituary has been sent to us by Mohammed El Ghazaouani, president of IAF apllicant club in Morocco: l'Association des Fauconniers Lekouassems d'Ouled Frej.

Here you could also download official copy of this letter.