IAF eBulletin September 2016

IUCN World Conservation Congress - our IAF Motion has been accepted

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From President Dr. Adrian Lombard

"It is with very great pleasure that I advise you that our Motion No. 3 on Electrocution and Collisions has been accepted at IUCN following the Electronic vote.  This is a real success for our organization and is the second Motion, of which the IAF is the Proponent, which has been accepted at an IUCN World Conservation Congress. 

This is good step on the way to addressing this very real conservation challenge. Our next task will be to prepare a Booklet to publicise the Motion to Governments and to Funding Organizations.  This task will fall to our Electrocutions Group and I hope to develop this in partnership with BirdLife International and Endangered Wildlife Trust – South Africa.

All the other Motions which we were interested in were also successful, including motions addressing Vulture conservation (which includes an addition proposed by us) as well as Poisoning and Illegal Trade.  Also of note is that an amendment to a Motion on Canned Hunting of Lions which we called for with the support of FACE and CIC, has been passed where the wording: canned “hunting” is changed to canned “shooting”.

This has been an effective involvement of our organization in this important conference.  Our Team is still in Hawai’i with a Poster Presentation on "Falconry and the Saker Falcon – Conservation Challenges and Sustainable Use" and is hosting a number of side-meetings.

Adrian Lombard 2nd September 2016

A significant result of the acceptance of the IAF Motion Against Electrocution is that Falconers are increasingly being seen as the solution, and not the problem.

Of the three Saker Global Action Plan (GAP) Projects falconers have a significant involvement in them all: IAF has funded the Saker-Portal, is part-funding and promoting the Satellite Tagging. The Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi has led the Mongolian Artificial Nests.

Good News from Pakistan

Subsequent to meetings held earlier this summer in Islamabad, the Ministry of Climate Change (the division of the Pakistan Government charged with conservation matters) has formally recommended that IAF and the Pakistan Falconry Association be formally included in the National; Vulture Recovery Committee. Our representative will be Kamran Khan, IAF Officer for  South East Asia.

47th IAF Council of Delegates Meeting - Ireland

Registration is proceeding smartly. This meeting will be held  from 13th to 20th November 2016 by invitation of the the Irish Hawking Club. The IAF Meetings will be held in Sneem, Co. Kerry in the early part of the week, where hawking will take place everyday. The latter part of the week is optional and we will all move to the Irish Midlands for more hawking and an important international conference on the sustainable use of wildlife. See www.falconryconferenceireland.com

For more information and to register please go to the designated main meeting website and complete the online form. This IHC website is very comprehensive and provides details of the locations, transport, booking accommodation and the programme of events. We would encourage you to book all travel and accommodation as soon as possible. Attendance at the actual Council of Delegates Meeting itself is limited to National Delegates and Club Representatives, their official guests (one each), the IAF Board and Advisory Committee, members of the hosting clubs and Individual Subscribers. Official Observers are by invitation of the IAF and IHC Presidents. Attendance at the hawking and social events is less restricted, but please check with our hosts, the Irish Hawking Club. Everyone must have registered before attending any part of the meeting and associated events.

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